What is “Child Performer Permit”?

The detail info about “Child Performer Permit” and how we can get it

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and cheers to all of you who finally signed the contract with the agent!

Now your child’s journey as a model/actor has begun! That means, our job, as a parent, to support our child’s work and the dream has also begun!
Let’s get started to get everything ready, so your child can start working smoothly as possible.

The first thing you need to prepare is “Child performer Permit”. Your child will not be able to work without this permit, so you want to get this ASAP.

But…. what is it? Why do we need it and how can we get it? So here is some more information:


1. What is “Child Performer Permit”

In the US, there is a law called “Child Labor low” which defines the rules and restriction when the minors work in the entertainment industry. The details are different state by state, but basically, it protects the child’s rights and makes sure that they can work in a safe and healthy environment.

In NY state where we live, all child must have this permit in order to work as a model or an actor. Your agent will not be able to book a job for your child unless he/ she has a valid permit.

For more information about NY state Child labor law, please refer the below link :


For other states, you can check this link  :  http://www.bizparentz.org/entertainmentlaws/statelawschildactors.html

2. Getting the 15-days permit

If you are applying the NY state child performer permit for the first time, you can get the temporary 15-days permit immediately from below website which you can print out from home  :  https://www.labor.ny.gov/secure/ChildPerformer/welcome.html

Please be careful that this is first-time only and one-time only permit, so you need to apply 1 year permit while this lasts. 


3. Applying for the real 1-year permit

After getting the 15-days permit, you now need to apply for the real 1-year permit.  It requires lots of additional documents, so I’d start as soon as you get the 15 days permit.

You can apply it from :  https://labor.ny.gov/formsdocs/wp/LS561.pdf

This website lists everything you need, but basically, you’ll need below 5 things:

Application form – Download the PDF file and fill out all the information including your child’s social security number!

School Form – You will need the signature from your child’s school officials to prove that your child is “maintaining the satisfactory academic performance”. Most of the school in NYC are pretty familiar with this form as there are many kids in the industry, but if you are applying from out of states, you may need to explain to your school what is this about. If you don’t know who to ask, I’d start from the parent coordinator, the guidance counselor or the school dean. Some of them can direct you to the right person.

Health Form – This is proof that your child is healthy enough to work. It requires the signature from your child’s pediatrician or your primary care.

Information about your child’s trust bank account – The law requires to set up your child’s trust bank account and put at least 15% of your child income into it. Most of the major bank can set it up immediately, but it requires a lot of documents, so I’d call them first and make sure you have everything you need when you go there to open the account.

Additional documents – Copy of parent’s photo ID & your child’s birth certificate etc… which also listed in the application form.

Once you have everything ready, you mail them to the NY Department of labor (The address is also written in the application form). If there is no missing information, the permit will be issued and mailed in about a week.

Once the permit has arrived, make sure to check all the information are correct. Keep the original file in the safe place and send a copy to your agent as well.

I’d also highly recommend marking your calendar when you need to start the renewal process in the next year, which is around 15 days before the permit will be expired. I have forgotten to write this down several times and it was quite stressful when I realized that my kids’ permits were about to get expired! So please mark your calendar!

4. Permit for the other state

If your child will work in another state, he/she will need to apply another permit which is issued by those states. You DO NOT need to apply it until your child books the job, but it’s good to know that you might need to go through this process if that happens.

Now your child is legally ready to work!

I hope this was helpful! Thank you for reading and hope to see you see in my next post!




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