Signing the contract with the agent

What you need to consider and get ready when you sign the contract with your agent

CONGRATULATIONS! Now You & your child have found the agent and are about to sign the contract!

You must be very excited, but maybe a bit nervous at the same time? Signing any legal contract can be nerve-wracking, so here I’d like to share my experience and all the info that I know. 

I hope this will help you to feel more prepared to move on to the next step!


 1. Make an appointment

The first thing you need to do is to make an appointment with your agent when you will sign the contract. This normally takes place at the agent office and takes around 30 mins to 1 hour.

If your child is old enough to write, the agent might ask your child’s signature as well, so please check with them when you make your appointment. If they request your child signature, you will need to take your child with you. Please keep in mind that your child might need to miss the school depends on your appointment time.


 2. Get all the required documents ready

Once you got your appointment scheduled, you now need to prepare all the required documents. Please check with your agent what you need to bring with you for your appointment. They normally ask the parent’s photo ID, a copy of your child birth certificate, his/ her social security number and the copy of his/ her passport if he/she has one.

It is always a good idea to make an extra copy of all your documents and bring with the originals, so you can just hand the copy to your agent when you get there. This can save your time and the agent’s time.


 3. Read the contract beforehand 

I’d highly recommend asking your agent if they can send you the digital copy of the contract beforehand, so you can read it before your appointment.

Now, I’d like to share my own experience when we went to sign our first contract as it DID NOT go so smoothly because I was not prepared….

First, I was shocked by the volume of the contract. It was HUGE, almost 30 pages for each contract and I needed to sign on each page!! (plus had to sign 2 sets for my 2 kids!) Our agent was so nice and explained each page what is about etc…, but all the new legal terminology was not easy for me to understand….

Plus I had my 2 kids with me who were little at that time, and of course, they didn’t want to stay in one place, wandering around from here to there… I couldn’t focus nor had the luxury of time to really read each line… So I just tried to follow our agent instruction “ sign here… sign there…”

It took me well over 1 hour to sign all the papers and I was totally exhausted when everything was done. After this experience, I decided to prepare myself in a better way for the next appointment.

So when the renewal time came, I asked the agent to send me the digital copy of the contract by email beforehand. I really took my time to read each line this time, with no distraction, and let me tell you! it was so much easier to understand! Then I listed up all my questions and emailed to our agent. They answered all my questions and I asked them to correct and modify some areas. So when I got to my next appointment, everything was super clear and I was so much more relieved and relaxed.

So if possible, please try to get the digital copy of the contract beforehand and read it before you go. Make sure to check all the contents, especially the areas directly related to you, such as commission rate, length of term etc…

Ask questions to your agent if there is anything that you are not familiar with or unclear and clarify everything before you go.

In the end, it’ll save lots of your time and agent’s time.


 4. Plan to spend time at your appointment

On your appointment day, please plan enough time in case you’ll have to wait or takes longer than you think to complete the signing. Make sure to bring all the original documents, as well as a set of copy.

If you are taking your kids with you, make sure to take extra snacks, drinks, games & books to entertainment them.

Now you are all set!! Just relax and tackle all the paper works!

Once you complete signing the contract, your agent will mail you the copy later on. Once the copy arrives, please double check the contents and store in a safe place. I’d recommend to write down on your calendar when the contract will be expired, so you’ll know when to renew.

Now you are starting the actual modeling and acting work!

In the next post, I will talk about getting the child performer permit which is the first thing you need to prepare for your child to start working.

Thank you for reading and good luck with everything!!




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