5 key points when you choose the agent

How can you know which agent is the right match for your child? Here are the 5 key points to think about.

You have been anxiously waiting for a week… for the result from the agent where your child went for the audition last week…

Suddenly, your phone rings from the unknown number…

and YES!!!… It was the call from the agent saying Your child has passed the audition and they want to sign her/ him!!

Congratulations!!! This is a huge milestone!!!

Then… more calls came in and your child actually got multiple offers from different agents!!

Amazing!!……but which agent should you choose??

To help you make the decision, I listed 5 key points to think about when you choose the agent based on my past experience.


1. Don’t jump in or rush to make a decision

I’d recommend NOT to jump into the first agent who gave you the offer or rush to make a decision, especially if you got the multiple offers. Tell them you are very excited, but you need to check with your family and get back to them.

Do more research & rethink how you felt when you met them in person. Talk to your kids, talk to family and ask others who might know the agent. The regular contract normally lasts for 3 years, so you want to make sure that you are happy and committed to working with them for that length of time.


2. Choose 1 agent     

Choose 1 model agent and 1 talent agent when you start.

The model agency only covers modeling job, and the talent agency covers all other areas such as commercials, Voice Over, TV/Film and Theater. You normally sign the exclusive contract, which means you can only sign with 1 agent for each category.

As your child career progress, some people sign with multiple agents for a different location, such as one agent for NY and another agent for LA or Europe etc…. but when you start, I’d choose 1 model agent and 1 talent agent and will go from there.

If you are signing with a manager, you only sign with one manager as they normally cover all areas.

3. Be Careful with anyone who asks for money upfront    

Please be careful with any agent or manager who asks money or any payment before signing the contract.

The legit agent normally works with the commission, so they will NOT ask ANY MONEY until your child start making money. They may take out some cost from your child first paycheck, but if they say you need to pay to get started, such as for new headshots etc…that seems to be a big red flag.

I personally would not choose anyone who asks any payment upfront or forces me to sign the contract with them.


4. YOU will be the one who will be talking to the agent EVERYDAY  

The person who will be speaking to the agent daily is YOU, the parents, not your child, so how comfortable YOU are with the agent is very important. When you are starting, you might need to ask lots of questions to them, same as when you start any new job.

 – Do you feel comfortable asking them a lot of questions and do you feel that they will respond?

 – Did they give you any guidance on how to get started or did you feel that you are left out to figure out everything by yourself?

As I mentioned in my previous post, please check again how you felt when you met them in person or any other previous communication you had.

5. Trust your gut feeling and find the best match for you and your child 

When we were looking for an agent for our kids, many people told us all different kinds of things and it was confusing.

I think what’s most important thing is to find the best match for YOU and YOUR CHILD. Some agency that works great for others might not be the best match for you and your child. So you want to focus on how YOU and YOUR child felt with them.

 – When you got the offer, did they sound like they are excited to have your child join their team? Were YOU also excited?

 – How did your child feel when she/ he went into the audition? Did they feel welcomed and did they have fun?

 – Do they seem to care about your child or his/ her dream?

 – Do you feel that you can build a long term relationship?

Ultimately You need to trust your gut feeling. You are the parent who only wishes the best for your child and you are doing the best you can, so trust your feeling and IT WILL BE OK!

Now, once you’ll choose your agent, you’ll need to sign the contract with them.

In my next post, I’d like to talk about a few things to check when you sign the contract.

Thank you so much for reading and hope to see you in the next post!

PS: If you find this post was helpful or informative, I’d greatly appreciate if you could leave a comment. Also if you have any questions, please leave in the comment section as well. I’ll be sure to answer your questions! Thank you!


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