What to get ready to apply for the agent and manager

Happy Belated New Year!

I hope you all had a great start of the new year and 2019 will be filled with great memories!

At the beginning of the new year, many of us have a new year resolution and some of your new year’s resolution might be :

“I’m going to seriously help my kids starting the modeling and acting career this year!!”

For those of you!

I’m really going to try to post practical & step by step information this year hoping to help as many of you as possible to get started with your children’s new career!

In my previous post, I have mentioned that

the first thing that you need to do is to look for an agent or a manager to present your child.

I’ve listed some agencies/ managers in NYC areas who accepts new clients on the “Resources” Page, so please refer that page if you live in the NY/ NJ areas.

If you don’t live in the NY/ NJ area, please do your own research and see if you can find any local model/ talent agencies in your areas.

Usually, the agents/ managers only accept the local talent,

because if the talents live far away, they might not be able to attend all the casting calls and the shoos which usually comes with very short notice.

But if you are willing to do whatever it takes and can commit to the demand of attending the auditions/ shoots with very short notice,

you can apply to the agencies that are not in your areas.

I know a family who came from Boston to NY almost every day, which is about 2 ½ hours drive each way, for auditions and shoots…

I also have met someone from Maryland who drove 3 hours each way or even someone from Florida who pays their own flights to come to NYC.

So the range of agencies/ managers that you’d like to apply is all up to

how much you and your child are ready and willing to commit to and how much effort you can spend.

Once you target the areas and pick some agencies that you are interested, please do your own research about them, checking their reviews and maybe ask those who are presented by those agencies for their opinions etc…

Then you can start making the list of things that you need to submit for applications for each agency.
Most of them request the picture of your child, their size information, your contact information, and any related past experiences.

Regarding the picture that you are going to submit to the agencies,

You DO NOT need to spend lots of money on professional photographers to take your kid’s photos!

as it does not need to be the professional qualities photos at this point.

It’ll be just fine the ones that you take or maybe your friends and families who might have a better camera to take your child picture.

However, there are a few rules that you’d like to follow.

Please be minded below few things when you take your child picture.

 1. It needs to be color photos (to show the color of your child skin, hair, eyes)

2. No Hats, No Sun Glasses, No makeup

3. Simple & plain Background

4. Consider taking below 4 different shots

  • • Headshots (Close up of your child’s face above Neck)
  • • Bust shots (above waistline)
  • • Full shots (whole body)
  • • Side shots (Full shot (whole body) – Bust shot)

5. For the wardrobe, I’d avoid noisy/ big patters and go with simple & plain clothes

6. Try to choose just fit/ snug fit clothes to show the shape of the body and avoid baggy clothes.

7. Make sure the photo is well lit. If you shoot indoor, try to shoot during a day or use light to light the face or try shooting outdoor during a day.

8. Choose natural facial expression. No need to force your child to smile in the picture

9. Make sure that only person who is in the photo is your child and avoid a photo with friends or other people as the agent/ manager will not know which is your child who is applying.

I recommend taking as many pictures as possible by following the above rules.  If you have more pictures, you will have more options to choose from.
Even a professional headshot photographer takes hundreds and thousands of pictures for one headshot shoots!

The advantage of you, the parents, taking a picture is that you can hopefully capture your child’s more natural and relaxed expression.

I’d suggest making the photo shoot is a fun activity for your child by trying to shoot some fun places, doing some fun things, like you making funny faces & noises to them or do stop “freeze” games etc….

Once you have enough photos, please choose the best shot of below 4 types:

• Headshot
• Bust shot
• Full shot
• Side shot

It may be a good idea to mix different face expressions, like headshot with a serious expression and full body shot with smile etc….

For your reference, I posted some sample pictures at the top of this page. You can also search on internet “Photos to submit for model agencies” and lots of samples will come up:

The next thing you need to do is to measure your child size.
Please make sure to measure the current size of your child height, Cloth & Shoe size accurately.

If your child is also applying to the talent agency, you might need to submit the resume with the related experience.
If your child is new to the industry and don’t have any previous professional experience, I’d list things like:

Related lessons that your child has taken before (Dance, Acting, Singing, Sports, Martial Arts)
– Any previous experience related acting (No need to list up all the school play etc… but some major ones)
Language & accents that your child can speak
– Any other special skills (can ride a unicycle, great with skateboarding etc….)

If your child already has a Youtube channel where people can see your child’s talents or skills or an Instagram account that shoes your child personality, it can be helpful to add that information as well.

The last thing you need is your contact information.
Please make sure to write down your most recent info where the agent or manager can easily get in touch with you. You don’t want to miss their call when they call YOU!

Now you have everything you need to apply to the agent and manager!!
Once you get to this point, all you have to do is to find the courage to apply to as many agents/ managers as you like.

Normally if the agent/ manager will be interested in your child, they will contact you within 2-3 weeks.
Now you just have to wait till you hear anything from anyone…

I know it’s really hard to wait, but I would NOT recommend contacting the agent/ manager to ask the results.
They check many applications every day and only contact whoever they are interested in.
If you don’t hear anything after a month so, it’s most likely they are not interested in your child, unfortunately.

However, even if you don’t hear from anyone, I don’t think you should be discouraged and give up for the 1st try.
I’d try again, maybe send different type picture next time.
Or you can look for more options and see if there are any agencies/ managers that you can try.
I think the key is to not to give up!!

If you are one of the lucky stars who got contacted by some agencies/ agents/ managers,
The next step will be to meet the agent/ manager in person and your child will be most likely auditioned by them.

In the next post, I’m going to talk about:

– What you need to prepare to meet the agents/ managers
– How can you check if the agents/ managers are good matches for you and your child
– What do I need to check and pay attention to when you sign the contract

Hope you’ll come back to read my next post as well.

Thank you!


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  1. Su - London says:

    Well done Mari on writing your experiences! It’s really a full time job supporting the kids and clearly a minefield to navigate – the kids make it seem effortless but takes a lot of organising schedules, being present and protecting your child while nurturing their pursuits (manager services above and beyond because you are a mom)

    • SPLittlestars says:

      Thanks Su! I actually love the fact that I can be with my kids, working for them and share the amazing experience with them. This has been truly a blessing to me and I hope this site will help more moms to experience the joy as i could have.

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