Do we need the Agent or the manager?

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post….How have you all been?

This is Mari, a mom and manager for 2 working kids as child models and actors in NYC area.

So far, in my previous posts, I have talked about :

How to get you and your family ready to get started in Child modeling and Acting business

So from this post, I’m going to start to talk about the actual steps to get started!

The very first thing that you need to do is

to look for an agent or manager to present your child.

In recent years, You can see many open casting calls on internet,

but, the truth is that almost all of the paid job are casted through the Agents or the managers.

Therefore, if your goal is to work on this industry as a professional,

YES! You will need to find an agent or manager for your child.

Now many of you question or wonder:

What’s the difference between agent and manager?

Which should I look for my child?

Roughly speaking, below are the differences and similarities between agents and managers.

Whichever you are going to look for, the key is to search someone:

Who can understand your child and his/ her personalities & dreams

Who can meet your child needs

whom you and your child can trust

I have listed some major model and talent agencies in NYC area on the resources page, so please use it for your reference.

Then, please do more research on your own, checking their websites and reviews etc….. and pick some that you would like to apply.

(Of course you can apply all and as many as you want!)

Once you decide which agencies / managers that you’d like to apply to,

please check the submission page and make sure the details of what they are asking you to submit.

Most of agencies/ managers will ask you to submit

  • – Your child photos
  • – Size information
  • – Contact information
  • – Related experiences….

On my next post, I’m going to talk the details about:

PHOTOS to submit to the agents/ managers

(What kind of photo you need to take and it’s requirements)

Which you will need to submit to most of the agents and managers.

Hope you’ll check out my next post as well.

Thank you for reading!


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