Child Modeling & Acting : Is this something for my child?

Hello everyone!

This is Mari, a mom and a manager for my 2 kids who have been working as child model and actor in NYC area.

When people learn that my kids are child model and actor, one of the questions that I get pretty often is:

“My child said that he/she also wants to try modeling and acting, but I’m not sure if that’s really something for my child…..”

As each kid is talented in his or her own way, there seems to be more suitable type of kids for this industry as well.

Then what type of children are suitable for this industry?

Today I’d like to talk about the qualities and personalities that are required for children to work in this industry
based on my experience of meeting and working with many child model and actors.

In my personal opinion, below five qualities are important assets to start & continue to work in this industry.


1. Outgoing / not shy

When entering this industry, the first thing you’ll do is going to casting and audition.
Kids will need to pose, read the script, sing and answer questions in front of numbers of adults.
Outgoing, cheerful & energetic kids seem to be better suited to this industry than shy kids.


2. OK to be away from the parents

At the auditions and shoots, parents are normally not allowed to go on set, and the childrent normally go on set by themselves.
(The parent can wait by the side if the child is very young.)
So the child who is ok to be away from their parents will be more suitable.


3. Patient

At the shoot, kids will have to take the same pose or have to repeat the same lines/scenes over and over again.
On top of that, 80% of the work on set is “waiting”.
Actual shoot time is only a brief moment, but getting ready (hair & makeup or getting dressed)
or waiting till the set will be ready takes much longer.
Children will need to get used to “waiting” and be patient to “repeat the same thing over and over again.


4. OK to talk to adults

Even if the shoot is with child model and actors, everyone who is working on set is a professional adult,
and these adults will give instructions directly to the children.
It is very helpful if the kids are used to talk to adults.


5. Ability to follow instructions

On set, the Children will be given many instructions by adults and will be required to comprehend them and act to it instantly.
Ability to understand the instruction and follow them is essential.

The children who have these 5 qualities are more “suitable” type of kids for this industry.

Of course, any child who has special talent, such as acting, singing, dancing, having particular looks will find work regardless of having these qualities or not.

So, please don’t get discouraged even if your child doesn’t have all of these qualities or personalities.
These are something that your child can learn as he/ she gain more experience.

The most important thing is:

“Does your child really want to do modeling or acting?”

Kids normally work hard on what they like and enjoy and they don’t care much about waiting for a long time
or repeat same thing over and over if that’s something that they enjoy.

If the people on set praise them how good they are, that will give more confidence to the children.
Then they want to do more and become more enthusiastic.

I sincerely hope that every experience that your child will gain from being a model or actor
will be a fun and positive memory for the children and something that will give them more confidence.

Now if you think…..

Oh, this is perfect for my kids!!

My kid is totally ready to start and I, as a parent, am also ready to support him/ her!

To those of you who are so ready and motivated…..

Please hold on for a little moment…..

To continue working in this industry for a long time, you will definitely run into some occasions that one parent’s support might not be sufficient…..
Especially if both parents are working or if you are a single parent, the support from your family members, friends, and third parties is almost necessary.

In the next post, I’d like to talk about the importance of support from your family, friends, and others
and what to discuss with your family member before your child start working.

See you next time!


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