Different types of work for Child model and actors

Hello everyone!

This is Mari, a mom and a manager for my 2 kids who have been working as child model and actor in NYC area.

In this post, I’d like to introduce what type of work are available for child models and actors, mainly in New York area where we live.
Broadly speaking, the followings are the 6 main areas of work that are available for children in NYC area.

1. Modeling

People often call it as “print” work which is basically modeling for photography shoot.
Any pictures with children in it are shot at the print shoot, such as catalog, store signs, boxes of toys and snacks, brochures, websites, etc.….
The areas of clients are diverse, anything from kid’s clothing company, toys, department stores, magazines to banks, pharmaceutical companies, travel agencies, etc.
Although it doesn’t happen that often, there are some runway model opportunities as well for the fashion show such as NY Fashion week.

2. Commercial

TV commercials for all kinds of products, from children’s clothing to toys, sweets, food, medicine, cars, etc.….

3. Industrial

The videos that will be used on websites, electronic/ digital advertisements, or for company’s internal demos… etc.… are called “industrial”.
These are usually used in fixed media for a fixed period of time.

4. Voice over

Voice acting for Animation, movies, and radio.
These are usually scripted and you play particular roll, so acting skill is required.
The looks of the actors are not critical since it does not appear on the screen.

5. On-camera acting

Acting job for TV and movies. They are usually scripted and you play particular roll.
Acting skill is essential and the look is also important as it needs to match with the character.
There are 2 types of job, one is called “principal” which is recognized as a role,
and the other is “background” which you’ll be one of person in the group in back ground.
The work condition & salary can be significantly different depends which type of job you’ll do.

6. Theatrical Acting (Broadway Musical, Play, Dance, Opera)

Performance acting on stage at the theater venue.
In New York, major theatrical work is Broadway musical and it requires great singing, dancing & acting skills.
There are also traditional play, dance (ballet, modern, hip hop etc.), and some opera stages as well.

As you can see, there are many different types of work available in NY area and plenty of opportunities for child models and actors.
If your child wants to break in the industry and if you already live near NY area, you are definitely in the right place.

But even if you don’t live near NY, you don’t have to feel discouraged at all.
Thanks to internet, there are many auditions that you can submit from any where in the world.

Also there are lots of big markets besides New York.
Los Angeles known for Hollywood,
Atlanta (where the big film studio moved there lately),
Vancouver in Canada’s,
London known for west end,
Tokyo, Seoul, and even India have many opportunities as well.

The possibilities are infinite.
Even if it did not work in one place or one field, there are plenty of other places and areas to try.

The key is to not to give up!

Let’s challenge various possibilities while having fun!
Someday your dream may come true!

In the next post, I’d like to talk about the qualities that are required for children to work in this industry
based on our experience.

Is this really something for my child?

Hope you’ll enjoy the next post as well!

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